Mexico Or Mexican Music History

Mexican music is rich and diverse and reflects the vibrant culture of the country. The history of Mexican music is as old and rich as the nation itself. Known for both folk as well as classical styles of music, Mexican music has a colorful blend of various musical forms, which comprise of traditional Mexican music as it is known today.

Mexican music features a broad spectrum of different musical styles and elements, owing to which it has become very famous all over the world.

Apart from the folk and classical music, Mexican music is also greatly influenced by regional styles. Traditional Mexican music is considered most pleasing and radiates a certain kind of warmth which has drawn the whole world towards itself. It is full of emotions and sinks deep into the heart.

There are many forms of Mexican music. Some of the best-known music types include Ranchera, Mariachis, Norteno, Banda and Tejano. Each form and style of Mexican music has a distinct origin, and draws influence from some or the other source.

The Mariachi originated during the 19th century somewhere in the state of Jalisco, although there is no evidence of the origin from where the name ‘Mariachi’ has been derived. Mariachi music use themes such as love, betrayal, death, machismo, politics, revolutionary heroes, etc.

Usually sung in the ranches and in the countryside of rural Mexico, Ranchera consists of a lot of rhythms and uses themes such as nature, religion, love and patriotism. Ranchera usually incorporates the use of instruments such as guitar, vihuela, trumpet, and violin, and the music is usually done in waltz form.

Originating from rural areas of Mexico during the later part of the 19th century, and heavily influenced by the Bohemian and Czech migrants, who introduced different styles of music such as La Redova and the Polka, Nortino is a very popular form of Mexican music. With the local bands adopting these polka rhythm and the musical elements of the German immigrants, a new unique style of music known as Norteno evolved which went on to become extremely popular.

Other latest styles of Mexican music include musical styles such as cumbia, hip-hop, pop, and rock, each of which has its own unique style and which is influenced to a large extent by the music from Caribbean islands and other island nations around the United States. These styles are growing increasingly popular, especially among the Mexican youth, owing to the introduction of young generation of singers and musicians.