Music History For Very Young Musicians

Musicology studies the composition, structure, reception and criticism of music over a period of time. Music history dates back to the discovery, life of the composer, social impact, the performing groups, style etc. It also refers to the category of music.

The place of origin of music, the life style of the composer, his social and emotional state are clearly reflected and recorded while referring to the history of music. Young musicians are often updated with the music history briefly or in detail depending on the requirement and situation. Once they are familiar with its origin it is easy for young musicians to relate to music. While being briefed about the history of music the musicians are explained the attainment of music, the study, analysis of work, the cultural and social background. There are many sources of research of music history, and they can be broadly classified as factual basis and interpretation of data. Though it is not easy to demarcate the facts and interpretation, most of the resources available are a blend of both.

The resources available are based on the manuscripts, archival work, biological and social studies etc. Manuscripts are the unedited versions which can make a musician think of all the possible areas and also provide an opportunity to use his creativity. Connections with music can be found out by doing the archival work. Biological study can support in a better interpretation of work, what influenced the music style can also be used as a part of a larger study. Sociological studies stress on the society and the habits of individuals as well as the society. Performance practice also reveals how the music was performed in different places and in different periods of time. If all these factors are combined well and put forth correctly in front of young musicians, they can provide them a channel to lay their foundation and also give a deeper and better insight to music.

Historical musicology has played a critical role in renewed interest in Baroque music as well as medieval and Renaissance music. As for most of the youngsters, music will be a career and not for leisure and it is very essential that they are familiarized with the exact and the correct information on music history. With growing talent, many opportunities will be available for young musicians, so it is very important that their foundation is strong and well built. It will not only make them confident but will also uplift their morale.