Music History

          Widely popular for their romantic hit single ‘Vienna’, which was released in 1981, ‘Ultravox’ is a musical band comprising of the lead singer Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Chris Cross and Warren Cann.

          Oday, Ultravox may be one of the most well known and popular bands in the UK, but the situation was not the same when the band was actually formed way back in 1973, when the lead singer was not Midge Ure but John Foxx (the original founder of this band).

          The band started its musical journey with the romantic compilations of John Foxx. He wrote the lyrics as well as composed the music on his keyboard. Chris Cross assisted him with his bass guitar, Billy Currie with either the keyboard or the violin, Stevie Shears with the guitar and Warren Cann, who assisted Foxx with his drumming. The band was complete and performing well under the name of ‘Tiger Lily’. They produced a song “Ain’t Misbehavin” in 1974 which was good but the initial reviews and response was not at all encouraging so the band soon changed its name to Ultravox. The band started gaining recognition for their music only during the early part of the 1980’s when they produced ‘Vienna’ in the year 1981.

          The band was initially signed by Island Records in 1976 and produced its first album along with producer Brian Eno in 1977 but the sales of the album was very poor  and highly disappointing for the band.  Even the other albums released following their first album like “RockWrok” (released in 1977) and “Systems of Romance” (released in 1978) failed miserably in the music world.

          Considering all these failures, the founder of this band, and lead singer John Foxx decided to break off from this band and pursue a solo career. Soon after he left the band, the Island Records decided to come up with the best compilations from the 3 albums that this band had released until then. This “Three into One” album was released in 1979 and it went on to become a great hit. It became extremely popular and continued to be played until the mid 1990s.

          Soon, the band had a new addition, Midge Ure, who is the lead singer of this band now. Ure made his entry into the band with a bang. His debuted with Ultravox on the pounding single ‘Sleepwalk’, which was a huge success. Since then, the band has come up with many new releases like ‘Vienna’, ‘The Thin Wall’ and ‘Systems of Romance’. There has been no looking back since then. The band is very famous and greatly admired for their wonderful music all over the world today.