Musical Instruments

When Was The Violin Invented ?

          Violin, though has its ancient origins derived most of the modern characteristics in Italy during the sixteenth century. Then some other modifications took place in the eighteenth century in order to modernize this instrument. If the history of violin is discussed in detailed then it comes out that the first instrument which resembled violin of today, was seen firstly in Europe. It was called as the ‘rabab’ which then started to be known as ‘rebec’ after it underwent several changes. Then the other form of this instrument was the ‘vielle’.​

          With the passage of time, Europe continued giving various different kinds of bowed instruments. While one was square shaped meant for holding in arms, the other one was relatively different with the sloping shoulders and was meant to be held between knees. During Renaissance, the lattter one became highly popular as it was believed to be one of the most elegant instruments. During the 1500s, an instrument which is now well-known as the modern violin appeared in the northern parts of Italy.